Financial Management

What’s more profitable? What’s more economical? What’s better? – Every finance-related decision is valuable!

Making the right business decision requires accurate figures. An abundance of confusing figures can easily results in missed opportunities. Sound financial management necessitates a steady flow of advice and close accompaniment, as well as monitoring results and careful planning. These provide business owners with the tools to formulate business and financial policies that allow companies to realize targets.

SBA provides a wide array of financial management services, including:
√  Strategic Consulting and analysis of company decisions and their implications
√  Financial Management that focuses on profitability and economic viability
√  Budget Control and periodic examination
√  Price Examination of products and services
√  Representation in contact with banks and investment groups in Israel and abroad
√  Financial Oversight of Contracts with suppliers and clients
√  Financial Statements Compilation for the external auditors
√  Communication Management opposite external auditors and legal consultants
√  Accompaniment Participation in business processes such as Due Diligence and Public Offering

SBA Financial Management offers three main advantages:
1. The expertise of a professional and experienced financial manager
2. A business development strategy that enables you to focus
on what really matters to you - the core of your business
3. Significant savings on salaries on regular expenses

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